• Lizzie Newell

Granola for Grandpa

Today I'm making granola and chicken soup. I'm in Colorado spending time with my mom and dad. They're a beautiful couple. Mom has dementia and is in a memory center. Dad treks down the hill to see her nearly everyday. They hold hands and kiss. It brings tears to my eyes.

Dad likes homemade granola for breakfast. So do I. We eat it with yogurt and berries. My special recipe uses coconut oil (reputedly reduces dementia) and barley malt. Barley malt has less fructose than honey or maple syrup. There's some thought that fructose contributes to dementia and heart disease. Thus my recipe is designed to reduce dementia. Mostly though, I like granola made with coconut oil and barley malt. I make it extra toasty because that further reduces fructose--I understand that fructose breaks down at a lower temperature than other sugars--and because I like it that way.

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