• Lizzie Newell

Now live! The Return of the Cybernaut Princess

A lost princess, a mariner, and a sentient ship battle galactic intrigue to find love and to save their planet from a deadly virus.

The prolog and first chapter of the Return of the Cybernaut Princess is now available on Wattpad.

Here is an except:

I lay in bed. The sun had risen, the light shining through a clear pane of the tent. My name rang out: "...Fenna..."

"Fenna, you're beautiful," said a man's voice.

I sat up, heart thumping.

Davis's snores reverberated in the tent. Gagnon still slept on her side, blanket wrapped tight around her. Hawthorn's head was thrown back, his chest rising and falling.

Was I getting sick, hallucinating?

I took a breath, held it, and counted to twelve. He wasn't here. My heart slowed.

I flopped back onto my cot. I shouldn't be panicking. I knew the difference between a transmission and speech. This was a transmission. Someone had said Fenna somewhere on Fenria, and the network had routed it to me. He could have been talking to anyone, probably to his sweetheart.

Cradling Wulfie, I followed the transmission to its source, a view of a man with a mop, sparkling water behind him. He dipped the mop in a bucket and wrung it out. With a deft spin of the handle, he fanned the mop on a boat deck. As he cleaned, I felt the movement, a small swab rubbing my shoulder. He wore green hip waders and a life vest, but no shirt. He was long and lean but muscular. Sweat slicked his biceps. His hair was braided in tiny swirling rows and the back of his head had scars. Scars! He had a neural interface.

I sat up, straight as a harpoon. A man with a neural interface! Someone like me. A member of the Seaguard.

With closed eyes I again saw him in my mind's eye, his boot tops and life vest glinting with Danna Stars. Not just Seaguard. Fennako Royal Guard! I caught my breath.

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