• Lizzie Newell

Teakh Noahee: Legendary Outlaw

Teakh, the protagonist of The Fisherman and the Gene Thief, first appeared in my imagination as Robin Hood, surely a pirate. I took his name from Blackbeard (Edward Teach) with the pronunciation and spelling modified. I thought of Teakh as a pirate teacher, a combination of Robin Hood and Fagan with nine boys raised aboard a sailing boat. He had been a stud for hire and then kidnapped his sons.

My first try at telling his story followed the traditional heroic outlaw pattern by starting with childhood exploits. It might be interesting if he were a real-life outlaw but not so much for a fictional character. This type of fictional biography seems to have gone out of fashion in the mid 20th century.

Next, I wrote a short story of about Teakh as a stud for hire. It shows Teakh being exploited in a way which would lead him to become an outlaw. Within the scope of a short story, I couldn’t get to the outlaw part, so critique partners found the ending unsatisfying. I set it aside.

I incorporated parts from both previous attempts into a story about how Teakh became a stud for hire. In the conversion, he morphed from a pirate to a fisheries detective, and he fell in love with a courtesan modeled on Lola Montez. This is the story I published as The Fisherman and the Sperm Thief. Due to Amazon marketing requirements, I change the title to The Fisherman and the Gene Thief. They are the exact same story about an outlaw and a courtesan. #sciencefiction #sciencefictionbook

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